Faq's for collectors



- What is EAA?

EAA (e-artadvisory.com) is a professional platform for both private and corporate collectors.
Our team is dedicated to the independent evaluation of the artists that are part of our circuit. This allows us to create and maintain public and private collections, and to set up investment founds for contemporary art.
EAA platform allows our team and you to view and follow the trend of an artist through his exhibitions, fairs in which he participates, articles, interviews and catalogs published, galleries that follow the artist, news about his work and much more. Collectors and art professionals can have an overall, up to date, reliable and certified framework of the movements and trends of thousands of emerging artist.

- Why EAA?

EAA releases independent certification on the general trend of an artist and also on every single activity of that artist.
We evaluate every trend of the artist, i.e. any activity of the artist in the contemporary art circuit, and we keep updated all news about him.
Every collector needs this kind of information before choosing an artwork to buy. Besides, this allows us to examine among all our artist, the one that might be suitable for your collection.

- How can I get information about an artist?

To follow the trend of an artist, you just need to check his personal page. There you will find all the information and trend charts you need to evaluate potential acquisitions.


Artist's trend

- How do I read the chart trend?

Every artist's chart contains all the most important events and activities of his career.
You can check the chart according to the time interval that you want to view.
All the certified activities have a vertical green bar that accompanies each event.
The bar corresponds to the value of the trend that is assigned to that event. The higher the bar, the greater the significance of the event.
The total evaluation of the artist is indicated in the upper right corner of the chart (total trend of the artist).
A high general trend doesn’t always correspond to a greater value of the artist, since youngest artists will almost always have a lower general trend value than oldest artists. However it can happen that a young artist's activities during the last period of time are most interesting and frequent.
Each event can be viewed in detail by clicking on the event itself. There you can see the assigned trend value, the event description and the reference links.
The chart can also be viewed in text list format by clicking on the link at the bottom right of the chart.

- How can I get an updated dossier?

Artists files are downloadable in pdf format directly from the artists' personal pages, after logged in.
The dossiers have all the information about the artists, all their events and activities, the reference charts and pictures of their most significant works.
If a dossier is only available with a password, you can leave the artist a personal message requesting the password to download the dossier. If the artist agrees to share his dossier with you, he will send you a secure password that allows you to do it.

- How do I contact an artist that I am interested in?

It is possible to contact the artist you are interested in by leaving a message in his personal page, through the link “leave a message”.


Art advisory services

- Which are the services offered by EEA?

e-Art Advisory offers specific advice on contemporary art.
We plan and develop the creation of private and corporate collections in accordance with your needs.
We have a vast database of emerging artists that we follow and certify in all their artistic activities.

- How do I create a collection?

All art collections need to be scheduled before the actual acquisition.
It is necessary to consider many features to get a good result, such as the available budget, the type of art you want to focus on, the types of collocation of the works, the personal taste of the collector, etc. The first step to create a contemporary art collection is to contact us.
We will happily answer all your questions and we will provide you the advice you need!

- What is a private collection?

A private collection indicates those art works that are owned by one or more private entities.
These collections are generally created, maintained and enhanced for their aesthetic and spiritual value, satisfying the personal taste of the collector.
Even though the irrational, affective and aesthetic aspects prevail in pushing a private collector to create a contemporary art collection, it is important not to overlook its economic aspect. Art expresses a material value, therefore it represents a good subject of trade. For this reason EAA provides its services through the economic assessment by buying and selling art works, cataloging works accompanied by purchasing certificates and insuring the needed protection.
To sum up, EAA helps the proper management of a contemporary art collection, in order to make money from your investment.

- What is a corporate collection?

Corporate art collections represent an important aspect of the economy of collecting works of art.
Investing in contemporary art, rather than in other art, is a strategic choice.
Companies choose to do so since it easily reflects the values and the mission of the company in front of its stakeholders, creating a connection between is and the attributes of contemporary art.
The pecuniary aspect of the corporate collection business must never be neglected.
A contemporary art collection built with competence and good judgment represents both a valuable financial investment and a lever for the revaluation of the assets invested by the company.

- How much money do I need to create a collection?

The available budget depends on the type and on the quality of the collection you want to create.
You don't need a big capital to start. Indeed, many great collections started with few savings and little but good works, which over the years have allowed, through transfers or exchanges, an increase of the initial budget.
There is no general rule, however getting few works of quality to include them in your home and to show them with excitement to your family and friends can be a good start to become a good contemporary art collector.

- What kind of art is specialized EAA?

We are incurable lovers of contemporary art in all its aspects.

- Does EAA also manage investment found in contemporary art?

Yes, we do. We also deal with the more technical and complex aspects that involve the creation of an investment fund for contemporary art.
In recent years, the art funds have become very tempting as alternative investments to offer to your own customers, especially for banks and financial and investment companies.

- What are the prices of the EAA's services?

The cost of our services varies greatly according to the needs of the collector or the company. We invite you to contact us to get all the information you need.

- How can I contact you?

You can contact us by clicking on the link “Contact us” located on the bottom left of the website.
We will happily answer you as soon as possible!